Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Here are some latest reviews from our customers regarding the services we’re offering. We have not published the author websites as per our privacy policy.


“It doesn’t get any better than this.

I got more than 45 profiles with 2 links in most of them.
Bonus GOV profiles with one of the GOV profiles sitting on a PR9 domain (top-level domain).
Of edu profiles 3 are also sitting on PR 9 domains. A lot of PR8 and PR7 domains in the mix.

All profiles have different usernames which I like very much!

Thank you very much”

By E.L. – Successful Webmaster & Marketer

“I ordered 20 edu/gov backlinks and received almost 25 within 72 hrs. of ordering.

Already I am seeing the impact on my site. I am in the midst of a google dance, for I was on page 4 for my keyword, moved up to page 3. Things are happening which is great to see.

This is a very impressive and powerful service!

Many Thanks”

By Peter – Successful Online Marketer

“Just have to say that i’m very impressed with the service! it was fast, and over delivered. One profile was in Chinese, but as they gave me quite a few extras, there’s no complaints here!

Thanks OrderBacklinks Team, you will hear from me again soon!”

By David Mee – Internet Marketer


“This team does a great job, just went through all links that they sent me and all are there. I will definately use again with another site.”

By James Parker – Internet Marketer


“Awesome work, I ordered the 20 govey links and they turned it over within hours despite of the normal time which is 72hrs. Awesome service and I will be using again! Thanks”

By Tim Atkinson – Commission Overload Founder


“Got this service and was very happy, got the links report back within 2 days… Lets see the Google uptake.
BTW – also gave more links then was promised! 

By Colin Klinkert – Famous Make Money Online Website Owner


“I got my report of 20 EDU & GOV Links today less than two days after ordering. Very quick! Checked around 10 of the links and they were all there. Plus they gave me quite a few more than expected. Recommended!”

By Trent Brownrigg – Senior Webmaster


“I have ordered 2000 backlink package and it was delivered within 2 days. Excellent service.

I highly recommend”

By DK. Joe – Successful Blogger


“Service was provided and over delivered on their efforts. I purchased to have 20 Edu & Gov links built, they in turn did quite a few more than that.

They went beyond what they offered. Kudos.


By Andrew – Senior Affiliate Marketer


“I ordered the 10,000 Links Package. Within 3 days i received back the report and was amazed to see that over 95% of the links were accessible and intact with profiles. My suggested anchors are there with links and all in all, a great service for not so high price.”

By Sarah Lee – Senior Webmaster



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