Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions. If you have any other question that isn’t listed here, please contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to place an Order & Where to enter my website details?

Just browse the available link packages and Click “Add to cart”. After you have added one or more packages, click “Checkout”. Once payment is sent via PayPal, don’t forget to click “Return To Merchant”… It will lead you to a  page where information about your Website + Anchor Text(s) that will be used in Link Building will be asked. In case of any confusion, please contact us.


Will my website be penalized for getting a lot of profile links?

No, it will not be penalized however we have some recommendations according to the package size:

Newly Launched Site – 1 Week Old   =>  2,000 Links Package

1 Week Old – 2 Weeks Old Website    =>  5,000 Links Package

3 Weeks Old – 4 Weeks Old Site          =>  10,000 Links Package

5 Weeks Old – 6 Weeks Old Site          =>  15,000 Links Package

7 Weeks Old – 8 Weeks Old Site          =>  20,000 Links Package


How many different Anchor Texts and URLs  are allowed?

We only allow 1 URL per Order to maximize the benefit that will influence rankings. You can use up to 10 unique anchor texts (each profile) for general profile link packages & 1 only for EDU & GOV backlinks due to the fact that edu backlinks are best when targeted for one keyword. In order to reduce any negative effects, we have tried to limit the number of anchor texts per profile if compared to any of our competitors who allow up to 50.


How long it will take us to create links?

For most of the packages, it takes around 3 days to complete the order and maximum 5 days for larger packages.


How much time it takes to show backlinks?

After around 2-3 weeks of order completion, backlinks start appearing and the indexing process continues steadily. Natural Indexing by Search Engine spiders takes this much time and we recommend our customers not to go for any method which guarantees overnight indexing etc.


Will i receive some sort of Proof of Work?

Exactly. We send comprehensive work report(s) at the time of completion of Order. It includes all the Profile URLs. We however do not include login info for each profile as it’s simply impossible.


Are the links dofollow and permanent?

Yes, 99% of the links we create are dofollow and more than 85% are permanent for general profile backlinking packages.

For EDU & GOV backlinks, all of the links are Permanent & Dofollow. Additional links will be provided in case the customer discovers any dead/non-working edu or gov backlink url.


Do you guarantee boost in search engine rankings?

No, we do not and actually can not guarantee anything when it comes to SEO. However you can expect to see Positive Impact in your rankings within a period of one month (sometimes lesser than that). In fact, the indexing process takes some time so as a result, search engine rankings also increase steadily but consistently.


What is your Refund Policy?

We do not offer refund for the completed service as it involves a lot of time and effort. However we allow refund in case the order can’t be completed or pending for over a week. So far, almost all of our customers are fully satisfied with delivered work and we appreciate your feedback and/or questions regarding our service (if any).


Can i resell your services?

Yes, we allow you to resell our services but prior to that, contact us for getting official permission document

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